The Multi-Family Housing Development (MHD) Department is comprised of professional project managers and project coordinators who are responsible for the development, design and financing of affordable multi-family housing projects.  Both, rehabilitated projects and new construction, projects are primarily designed to be for rent. MHD reports to the EVP/CFO.  Project managers lead the project delivery process, including all phases of finance, design, entitlement, permitting, project budgeting/accounting, and schedules. MHD is tasked with balancing and meeting the diverse needs and goals of PSHH and the Duncan Group (DG), including program, sustainability, aesthetics, risk, budget, and schedule.


MHD will provide professional leadership to plan and develop high community valued, quality, long-term cost-effective facilities and landscapes that affordably serve our residents and embrace our partnership with our community. Additionally MHD is charged with preserving existing affordable apartments in the community that are deemed at risk of losing their affordability and displacing their lower-income earning households.  To this end, MHD endeavors to:

  • Pursue the PSHH Strategic Plan goals and NeighborWorks production goals
  • Provide services with integrity and professionalism
  • Communicate effectively with internal/external stakeholders and consultants
  • Lead project teams to successful outcomes
  • Balance competing priorities of the various stakeholders
  • Approach project challenges with creativity, respecting the ideas of others

For all projects, MHD must balance the following primary goals, listed alphabetically:

Cost                 Deliver projects of long-term value within justifiable, benchmarked budgets which assure homes for our residents will remain perpetually affordable

Program         Develop spaces that support the mission of PSHH, including for providing services and opportunities benefitting our residents

Quality            Deliver buildings and landscapes that continue the PSHH tradition of providing high quality places to live and thrive

Schedule         Deliver projects in a timely manner for those in our community most in need

Sustainability Enhance environmental performance on both new projects and renovations