Project Manager I Multi-Family Housing Development

Reporting Relationship: Under direct supervision of a more senior Project Manager or Director or Vice President, manages a small project or phase(s) of a larger project.
Management Experience: 1 to 3 years
Duties: Responsibility for all aspects of the project over the entire life (initiate, plan, execute, control, close). Must be familiar with system scope and project objectives, as well as the role and function of each team member, to effectively coordinate the activities of the team.
A. Required Skills
1. Manage changes to project scope. In cooperation with Project Design Coordinator establish and track project scope. Track project requirements from funding sources.
2. Communicate project plan. Ensure a common understanding by setting expectations in accordance with the Project Plan, in order to align the stakeholders and team members.
3. Monitor and control project work. Measure project performance using appropriate tools and techniques in order to monitor the progress of the project, identify and quantify any variances, perform any required corrective actions, and communicate to all stakeholders.
4. Execute project plan. Execute the tasks as defined in the project plan in order to achieve the project goals.
5. Develop stakeholder management and communication plan. Identify key project team members by defining roles and responsibilities to create a project organization structure in order to develop the communication plan.
6. Implement approved actions. Implement the approved actions and workarounds required to mitigate project risk events in order to minimize the impact of the risks on the project.
7. Establish project deliverables. Record detailed requirements, constraints, and assumptions with stakeholders in order to establish the project
deliverables, using requirement gathering techniques (e.g., planning sessions, brainstorming, focus groups) and the project charter.
8. Develop project team. Improve team performance by building team cohesiveness, leading, mentoring, training, and motivating in order to facilitate cooperation, ensure project efficiency, and boost morale.
9. Writes clearly. Communicates information and ideas in writing so others will understand.
10. Possesses good listening skills. Listens intently to what other people are saying, taking time to understand the points being made, asking questions when appropriate, and allowing others to speak without interrupting them.
11. Speaks clearly. Communicates information and ideas in speaking so others will understand.
12. Supports team building. Builds mutual trust and encourages respect and cooperation among team members.
13. Demonstrates high ethics and values. Inspires loyalty and trust, handles oneself ethically following core values and beliefs.
14. Recognizes contributions. Praises people for a job well done.
B. Essential Functions
1. Prepare and submit competitive applications to federal, state, local, and private funding sources for site acquisition, predevelopment, construction, and permanent financing.
2. Apply for and obtain required government permits and approvals.
3. Represent the corporation before public bodies, community and neighborhood groups, and financing agencies in promoting PSHHC and its goals. These meetings may occur throughout the three county area served and may occur in the evening hours.
4. Coordinate the development process with other professionals, including architects, attorneys, contractors, finance agencies, title companies and public officials, to ensure a high standard of quality.
5. Prepare and submit proposals for administrative funding.
6. Prepare and update project proforma, construction budgets, cashflow projections, capital outlay and operating budgets.
7. Actively participates in staff training and organizational functions and activities as needed.
8. Prepare reports as required by funding sources.
9. Other duties as required by the Division Manager, CEO, CFO or their
C. Job Qualifications
1. One year in real estate/housing development construction, or finance, preferably for a non-profit developer. Experience with governmental grant programs and a thorough understanding of low-income tax credit financing.
Advanced degree in lieu of experience would be considered.
2. A degree in Urban Planning, Public Administration, Business Administration, Finance or a related field is desirable. Preference may be given to those possessing advanced degrees (PhD, MBA, MPA, MS, MA, JD, etc.) or certifications.
3. The ability to build strong and effective working relationships, with excellent written and oral presentation skills are essential.
4. Must possess the ability to prepare complex financial feasibility analysis with attention to detail.
5. Have the capacity negotiate minor contracts to minimize costs while insuring that the scope of work is comprehensive and accurate.
6. Personal qualities desired include a high degree of self-motivation, initiative, entrepreneurship, creativity, perseverance flexibility, high moral standards, and a sensitivity of the greater social values upon which the activities of organizations such as PSHHC are based.
7. Must possess a valid California driver's license and current automobile insurance.
D. Certification Incentive
A five percent (5%) salary increase is available for a Project Manager I that obtains a Project Management Professional (PMP)® certification from the Project Management Institute (PMI). This increase remains as long as the certification is maintained. Necessary fees for certification are eligible for Peoples’ Self-Help Housing education incentive.